Our Belief

Simple; easily understood or done
We believe in building systems that is simple to learn and use . In order for system to help businesses, it has to be simple. By being simple to use then the employee can use the system effectively. This will in turn help the business in saving cost and time. 
In today's world, where things are going more complicated and sophisticated such as the revolution of smartphone and artificial intelligence. We went the opposite way to be easy and basic instead. That is the reason why our system customisation service is named basic.  
It is difficult to stay simple in a complicated world with so many distraction, but we will stick to our belief. 
In order to build simple system, we build system backwards. In other words, building the systems after understanding what the business truly need. Why would any business spend a bomb buying an expensive complicated system yet need to accommodate to it? With customization, many useless functions will be eliminated. This in turn cut down on learning time in order to use the systems, which is essential for businesses that have high labour turnover.
Complication doesn't means good, what is essential is that the system quicken the process of the business or bring in convenience. To many, customisation may sound expensive to them, they rather buy a ready-made system and accommodate to it. But what expensive is the lost of their unique business proposition and the complication that their businesses have become.
Easy; achieved without great effort
Ever felt annoyed having to record sales to your accounts every time, especially when sales quantity are in huge amount?
Every business definitely needs more than 1 system, that sums it up. The fact that different system works differently with different procedure, this create more problems than being manual.
Integration of systems not only eliminate redundant manual labour, it also cut down on resources such as paper(for paperwork). Integration may sound like a complicated words. 
Integration to us is easy; it is just database sharing the data. With the help of cloud computing technology this made sharing of data simple. With just internet connection, sharing of data can be at anywhere and anytime.
In conclusion, we believe if integration goes with customization, it will be a perfect solution to your business in aiding everyday operations we have our own definition of how system should be.
1) Systems are made to help the business and not the other way round
2) Systems should be made to link to each other, to prevent confusion and extra reductant work

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