Looking to earn passive income? Join and be a SIMPSY Voice associate

Do you have a wide network of business owners or top management?

Do your business compliment with our SIMPSY Voice service? For instance, co-sharing or virtual office business? 

Join our associate program and earn passive income with us.

Introducing SIMPSY Voice associate program, This is our VoIP call centre solution that is aim to help businesses to set up and manage their call centre with ease. Every business need to provide customer support or call calling to prospect, therefore having a simple and easy to use solution will cut down a lot on cost and manpower. For information, visit SIMPSY Voice website.

We are looking for business that compliment with us, for example like co-sharing or virtual office businesses. Add value to your client and prospect as you offer them additional service in able to register a local phone number and make/receive calls. If you want we can partner and include function for your client into your package to offer them local phone number.

Or if you have a wide network and want to make passive income introduce them to us.

How does passive income work in SIMPSY Voice associate program?

Here's the percentage rate you will earn by sign up and by the call usage they earn,

Sign Up Percentage(%)
less than 10 8
11 to 50 10
51 to 100 15
100 - 9999 20
10000 and above 30

As you can see from above the more you influence to sign up with us, the more you earn. The passive income will come from those sign ups. For example, you influence Company A to sign up with our team plan of $24.90 every month. You will earn $24.90 x 8% = $2 every month. The revenue we earn, you have a share too. 

Why are we doing this?

Our aim is to earn money together. If you have the network or client base why not leverage on it and earn additional passive income?


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