Success Stories: ERP System for Asia Dessert Pte Ltd


Dessert Guru Pte Ltd

South East Asia's Leading Dessert Supplier, founded in 1996, a company that turn fresh fruits into nectar and purees to give a boost to your drinks. Till date with more than 200 types of product in manufacturing to give consumer wide variety of choice to mix up a dessert drink. For more information about the company visit here.



Everything was manual from taking orders to delivery. Being manual means that human error are prone to occur, and hiccups are tend to occur on a daily basis in operation and sales.

Mannual processes include,

  • Taking Order
    Order are recorded manually in papers and then transfer to excel for recording. The clerk have to collate all the sales orders by days monthly for accounting purposes. Dessert Guru have a great sales volume daily.
  • Issuing invoice
    Invoices are all issued via excel printing. There is no soft copy of invoices kept. All invoices are printed from an edited excel file. Hard copies are kept. 
  • Reports
    Reports that needed for accounting purposes and are calculated manually on excel. The report is then sent to accountant for preparation of financial statement.
  • Delivery
    There is no tracking of delivery expenses and it is difficult to record for accounting purposes . 
  • Suppliers
    Supplies and Suppliers payment are not track with delaying many supplier payment after due date missing out early payment discount.



No doubt, there is many off-shelve ERP solution in the market that cover extensively every area from resource planning to customer relationship to human resource. But what Dessert Guru need is a simple-to-use system that will computerised their process. 

Our team of expert business analysists and system engineers, analyst and understand their needs to develop a bespoke system that will help their business in their day-to-day operation. With our belief of Simple & Easy solution. 



It is not easy implementing a brand new system with operation running daily. Furthermore, new developed system ought to have bugs and error. Dessert Guru uses pilot implentation; running both the old and new system simultaneously. 

Implemention is the crucial process as to the sucess of project. 80% of system fail at this process. To ensure success of the project, our technical staff are on site aiding Dessert Guru staff in running the system.



After implemenation of more than a year, Dessert Guru rely heavily on the system for their operation. An enhancement has also been performed to accomodate to their change of operation. 

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