How much can you saved from VoIP

With technology advancement, making calls are made possible via internet connection using VoIP technology. But how exactly this tehnology help in terms of cost saving of phone call cost. Today we will do a thorough 

comparison with different component of business landline cost. 

Set-up/ Installation

Setting up of landline phone cost about $50 - $70 depending on the teleco provider and the country. Many times, the set-up cost is not told up-front; for instance landline set-up cost is not found anywhere in their website or under small font in t&c. Installation is also a hassle especially if your office want to have quite a number of land line phones. And many teleco companies charged based on the distance of line lay.

Minutes per call

Landline local calls rate are usually relatively cheap compared to mobile, but of course varies in countries. VoIP call rates are usually cheaper compared to traditional teleco rates, as telecos have an extensive cable network to maintain as compared to VoIP which is maintain only through internet and servers. For example,

  At&T SIMPSY Voice
Domestic call rates(USD) per minture $0.10
AT&T One Rate® 10¢ Nationwide Direct Plan

In this example, the rate is based on home plan offered by AT&T(office plan may be higher). You can see that you can save easily 37%.  Many teleco companies started implementing their VoIP, naming it digital. Some may even offered unlimited local calls, but do take note of their terms & conditions as all of them come with fair usage policy(FUP).  It is not really unlimited, it is capped. And what's more is that you will have no idea on your usage unless you have use to their FUP limit.

Telecom companies will not lose out, as they have the right to stop or charged you additional when you reach their FUP limit. If you under use, you are actually being overcharged. That's why we believe in Pay-as-you-use model, we do not like to shortchange our customers. 


Almost all telcom companies offer their landline with plans. Their plans serve no additional purpse except for providing you with some free calling minutes or bundle it up with internet. Many of time you have to get one of their plan in order to use the phone. In SIMPSY Voice, our plan provide fully automated call recording of every calls(storage space for recordings) and live tracking of every agents. Our plan are charged based on the number of agents needed, of course signing up more agents will have a better price. 

Roaming charges

Despite many telecom company offering their own VoIP(digital), they still charge international roaming based on the landline cost, or may be slightly cheaper. The reason may be cause they will be slapping their own face if they offered no internation roaming fee for digital voice. It will greatly affect their traditional phone business, which they have invested lots of money and effort in the infrastructure. They also do partner with overseas telecom companies to offer internation calls, this might be part of the reason too.


In conclusion, telecom companies like At&T are good and essential. In many cases it provide a great force to the country growth, especially in third world country. It provided thousands or even million of jobs for the country, and provide good communication infrastructure for the country.

Many telecom companies are the biggest company in their country. But remember your business need to survive, your business need to maximise profit. Perhaps your international roaming saving, allow you to hire an addtional employee(providing job to the society), but the telecom company need not because they are big enough.

if the above reasons do not convince you on saving on VoIP, we would like to thank you for taking your time to read our article.

Please do note that this post is in no position of offending any telecom companies or anyone. It is just our way on convincing small and medium businesses on how they can cut cost for their business, especially one with call centre.

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