Hi all,

Do allow me to give a brief introduction about SIMPSY. In SIMPSY, we believe in simple & easy that is why we are called SIMPSY. By simple, it would means simple to use and learn our system and by easy it would mean that our system will make life easier; getting things done effortlessly.

Our team is specialised in deploying cloud solution as we believe that by having cloud system, anyone can access it anywhere. 

Currently we have 3 products and looking forward to launch more in the near future,

  1. SIMPSY Voice
  2. SIMPSY Booking
  3. SIMPSY Basic


Aim to provide business with international presence or offshoring capabilities. Equipped with registering of international numbers and cheap low rates to any countries. Functions include,

  • Call recording
  • Live Tracking
  • Automated attendant with voice call recording

SIMPSY Voice also come with a simple integrated CRM to keep track of client/prospect.


SIMPSY Booking

SIMPSY Booking is designed for organisation to manage the usage of their facilities. Popular with condominium where residents can book the usage of their condominium facilities. SIMPSY Booking have improvised to become a one-stop portal for organisation.

These additional functions include, 

  • Newsletter/ Bulletin
  • Voting/ Polling
  • Carpark Tracking
  • E-payment
  • Digital forms

With SIMPSY Booking, organisation can easily restrict the abuse of bookings and keep track of booking(prevent double booking).



SIMPSY Basic is a customized service for compaines wanting to have their own cloud solution customized to their business process. Many businesses competitive advantages comes from their unique business process, by using a off-shelf solution will have them compromising their unique business process. As many of the competitors are using the same off-shelf solution; businesses will lose out.

With customized service, integration of different type of systems are possible. For example, integrating sales system with inventory system so that real time stock quantity can be reflect when making sales.

With a team of talented software engineer and business consultant, our client are sure to get the best solution to their business process. 


In 2017, we aim to launch more products so to spread our simple and easy spirit. And would like to thank our supporter in supporting us in the past and I promise our team will continue to serve you better. For those that are still not with us, join us and we will show you how simple and easy it is. 



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